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Private Unitary Enterprise "EnergoOptima" (the company "EnergoOptima") provides a wide range of services in the fields of energy, environment and economy. Our work is aimed at improving the efficiency of enterprises of all sizes, from small institutions to large enterprises engaged in various areas of prodaction.


Energy audit: Energy passport and other services

The steady rise in the cost of energy, gas, electricity, oil and solid fuel is converted into an impossible burden for enterprises, reducing earnings by increasing the proportion of the energy component in the cost price of production. Our specialists are ready to perform energy audits with the development of specific consumption rates of fuel and energy resources (FER) and the subsequent production of energy certificates of companies. That allows:

  • evaluate equipment with energy consumption metering devices of any type;
  • objectively calculate the costs of resources;
  • get an idea of ​​the current efficiency of the enterprise;
  • calculate the amount of energy losses, which is important for all businesses, especially those involved in the production and transportation of energy resources;
  • determine the potential for energy savings and increasing of energy efficiency;
  • schedule a series of measures to improve the efficiency of enterprise energy.


Technical and economic study of investments and other services of the company "EnergoOptima" in the field of economy

Technical and economic study (ТES) - the main document allowing to estimate feasibility of creating products or services at the moment. A careful analysis of the costs that accompany the implementation of the project makes it possible to determine whether invest or not in a particular project, which is very important for investors.

Wide range of problems that can be solved by the company "EnergoOptima" - an opportunity for all companies ( regardless of the volume of production and forms of property) to significantly reduce costs. And so - to increase their effectiveness.



Environmental Passport and other services in the field of ecology of "EnergoOptima"


The necessity to develop ecological passports for companies described in the article №37 of the Law "Аbout environmental Protection", which allows to evaluate the ecological and economic parameters of the organization and the impact of production on the environment. Development of this document will also allow to evaluate ecological and performance indicators and to detail plans of environmental protection measures. Following the provisions, declared in the passport, it is possible to radically reduce the negative impact of nature usage by particular enterprise, which will allow to save the environment or to reduce damage. This is especially important for the creation of sanitary protection zones, including the sources of water supply of settlements. Sanitary protection of water resources and the territories where they are located - the main purpose of sanitary protection zones.



Choosing company "EnergoOptima", you choose reliability, efficiency and high quality services at reasonable prices.

The company has offices in Mogilev (head office), Brest, Minsk.