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Certification of gas scrubbers and ventilation systems

Mandatory certification of gas-cleaning unit is based on the decision of environmental agencies of the Republic of Belarus. Every owner, having gas treatment equipment is required to produce its certification. All gas treatment devices perform targeted actions - capture, complete neutralization and purification of waste gas and similar substances, which are systematically released into the atmosphere. These systems consist of one or cascade units for gas purification, network communications and assistive devices.

The main stages of certification of gas-cleaning unit:

  • Identification of the air handling unit is used, a comprehensive study of furnishing and card process technology.
  • Identify gaps in the systems, fence required samples for the presence of harmful substances. A comprehensive study of the air-gas stream prior to certification.
  • Systematization of the collected measurements and research, preparation of protocols, with the subsequent issuance of passports gas treatment unit, in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Passport gas gas-cleaning unit

In the passport data, shall be included:

  • The recommended mode of operation SEI corresponding emissions requirements.
  • Main indicators of the regime of the product and its individual components.
  • Date of inspection facilities.
  • Data on the current repair SEI.
  • Records of the results of the oversight of the object.

Standards of  passport's conduction

The document is being regularly provided operation of the facility. It records data on the monitoring of discarded contaminated substances, the unit operates gas treating different groups. Made mandatory locking scheduled inspection and repair facilities.

Passport of ventilation system

Is a mandatory document that is on objects, using forced ventilation in the premises of any class and type. Validity of the passport is the calendar year. For objects with mechanical ventilation - 3 years, with natural ventilation - 5 years.

List of works for certification:

  • Determining the status of equipment and related design data parameters.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of health systems.
  • Systematization of documentation.

The company "EnergoOptima" provides services for the preparation of passports for ventilation and gas cleaning plants. Timeline - scheduled and urgent.

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