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Projects of sanitary protection zones and construction projects sanitary liquidation (grouting) artesian wells

The struggle for reliable environmental situation made at the highest level and controlled legislature. Therefore, all persons involved in economic activity are directly responsible for the violation of sanitary norms. For these purposes, there is a sanitary zone of protection, which consists of three zones, which will be implemented security measures. Rules apply to all water facilities and waterworks. They should be guided by all individuals and entities.


Construction of sanitary zone is carried out according to strict rules and in accordance with the approved documentation. The project of sanitary protection zone should contain information:

  • Clearly defined boundaries.
  • Isolation of security zones.
  • Comprehensive measures to optimize the content area.
  • Regime and rules of operation in each of the zones.

Dedicated sanitary protection zones

Zone 1 belt - strict regime. Here are carrying water, buildings and places of their dispersal.

Zone 2 belt - microbial contamination. Area of ​​the territory  determined by hydrodynamic calculations.

Zone 3 belt - chemical pollution. Allows you to protect the water intake of chemical contaminants (arising) for 25 years (the period of penetration - not before).

The calculation of the required protection zones

All required data for each of the zones is being calculated on a strictly derived formulas based on the following indicators:

  • Features of the water supply facility.
  • Climate zone.
  • Hydrogeological survey area.

Guided by these materials in the design of sanitary protection zones, all measures will be most useful and cost-effectiveness.

In some cases, may decrease the sanitary protection zones?

This is the default settings, and they can not be changed, it is possible option to negotiate the reduction of such areas.

Services for development of effective projects of sanitary protection zones

The specialists of "EnergoOptima" provide a full range of services for the development of projects of sanitary protection zones, regardless of there being water sources. Get advice or to order the service for the development of sanitary protection zones) can any organization that needs our help.

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