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Draft standards for allowable emissions of pollutants

All environmental pollution indicators environment, regardless of whether it is air, water or soil, are boundary rules. These settings include the standards and calculation of allowable emissions of industrial wastes into the atmosphere, which is used for stationary pollution sources - industrial enterprises.


Indicators calculated pollution standards

  • Critical mass of ejected material per unit time (t / year or g / sec).
  • Permissible value of the emission into the atmosphere (mg / m³).

All guideline values ​​emissions of atmospheric pollutants, established by the legislation. For each production facility are different factors that depend on the type of business activity.

Emissions to the atmosphere are not installed on the following businesses or facilities:

  • For sources that are 5 categories of emissions, as well as for those enterprises where the relative indicators of contamination does not exceed the value of 0.1%, they are referred to the fourth category of emissions.
  • Non-stationary emission sources that produce air pollution from mobile sources, ie not having a stationary location.
  • For canned objects that are currently not being exploited.
  • Mobile sources of emissions.

Legal aspects governing the development of standards for allowable emissions:

The legislative framework of the Republic of Belarus on environmental measures in terms of air pollution harmful emissions, due to the activities of enterprises.

The company "EnergoOptima" deals with issues on the development of the documentation relating to environmental issues. Our experts will carry out all the necessary calculations, for businesses and individuals regarding standards for allowable emissions at the facility. According to the customer the option of a possible set of measures that will lead to an effective reduction in the impact of products released into the atmosphere by human activity and the environment. These documents, with supporting calculations make it possible to receive the package permits, at the beginning of the enterprise. Thus, the activity of your company will be absolutely legal, in the light of the requirements of environmental protection legislation.

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