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Environmental passport of the enterprise

Compliance with environmental legislation is a mandatory rule for the business entity, regardless of ownership. Therefore, the presence of environmental Object ID is required for all, regardless of whether the owner himself to develop such a document or use the services of third parties.


The role of ecological passport of the enterprise in Belarus

  • For quality of state supervision in honoring the rules and regulations in the field of environmental protection, including standardized technology standards in this area.
  • In order to implement the integration of rational use of primary and secondary resources.
  • To calculate the level of environmental harm to the environment of each enterprise.
  • To determine compliance with the implementation of technical processes.

Based on these points, and referring to the changes in environmental issues - ecological passport enterprises in Belarus is a must, in the absence of the organization's work will be stopped.

  • Each environmental fact sheet is based on accurate data on the use of natural resources.
  • Maintain necessary in accordance with the law.
  • For violations of the rules of the document, as well as its lack of penalties.
  • The company "EnergoOptima" offers services for the development of ecological passports for enterprises by the standards of Belarus.

Calculating the cost of manufacturing

  • This value depends on the following factors:
  • Hazard category object.
  • Emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Volumes of water pollution.
  • The total amount of industrial waste and their origin.

For the correctness of the development of ecological passport of the project, each customer provides a standard set of documents. If your company has no standard units ecologist or a young specialist employees "EnergoOptima" ready to help in the design of a complete set of documents that are the basis for the design of ecological passport.

Environmental Passport project will be made in accordance with current legislation in the field of ecology. The company "EnergoOptima" won credibility in the market data services and deservedly has only positive feedback from customers. To place an order for our services, you can at the numbers listed on the site or online.

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