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Inventory of emissions of pollutants into the air

Emission inventory of production - a set of targeted actions related to the definition of qualitative and quantitative data on the implementation of regulations concerning emissions into the atmosphere of refined products.


The purpose of emission inventories:


  • Calculation of real standards on emission of polluted substances in the air according to the object of study.
  • Comprehensive assessment and analysis: compliance with process technology, application of technology, compliance with the rules for the release of waste products into the atmosphere.
  • Chemical analysis of emissions.
  • Evaluation of technology and equipment of treatment facilities, their degree of wear.
  • Forming a complete database of emissions.
  • The inventory of emissions of a particular enterprise.

Developer responsibilities in the inventory

  • Take note of all the existing sources of pollution.
  • Take into account mobile sources that are used as fixed installations.
  •  Take into account all the pollutants generated during operation.
  •  Take into account the historical data of previous periods, the emission into the atmosphere.
  • Emission inventory is not made for the following:
  • Objects that have a system of automatic control and fixation of emissions.
  • Mothballed and sealed objects.
  • Mobile sources.

Inventory act

Issued in electronic and printed form, on a strictly established pattern documentation. The results of the inventory signed by the head now.

When changes in process technology or in the water effect, renovation or preservation of objects emissions - the polluter is obliged to make an adjustment act.

Private enterprise "EnergoOptima" provides professional services on emission inventory of contaminated substances on objects of any complexity in the shortest possible time, with the subsequent registration act.

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