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Development of business plans of investment projects

The development of any project aimed at investing, must begin with a well-written business plan. Only this document may be good arguments for future investors. It will help to fully assess the financial position of the company. It will be spelled out all the issues that may arise during project implementation. The business plan also provides an assessment of the companies working in this direction, which can be a worthy competition in their field.


It is noted that the development of the business plan of the investment project is demanded not only as a tool for attracting finance, but also as a basis for the development of the Constitution, according to which the work will be the organization's activities.

The document contains a marketing strategy development, analysis and proposals for the markets, technical re-equipment and other compelling arguments that are supported by calculations, diagrams, graphs.

 Developing a business plan of the investment project - not an easy job, and its key calculations, analysis and strategy can develop only by qualified personnel. To document can only do people who have appropriate qualifications and years of experience in business planning.

The specialists of "EnergoOptima" provide services to develop business plans.

Model instrument of investment project must include the following list:


  • A complete description of the organization and its main development strategy.
  • Comprehensive data on products (services), a full analysis of supply and demand, the rationale for the chosen marketing strategy.
  • Plan production work.
  • Predicting the results of the enterprise.
  • Legal Plan.
  • Projected analysis of financial and economic activity.
  • Investment Plan.


Sources of capital for investment projects may include:


  • Public preferences and tax incentives.
  • The loan, bank loans.
  • Company's non-resident (banks).
  • Private investment.


As practice shows, the main investors are banks and private individuals.

Our company offers all organizations and private enterprises get more advice on the development of business plans of investment in energy efficiency. We will give full information about the required document management, which will be the basis for the analysis of sources of investment.

All consultations are based on a grant basis, the information remains confidential. We perform the preparation of investment business plans at the highest level.

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