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Development of feasibility studies of projects

Feasibility study - a document which must contain all of the information provided by confirming the economic feasibility of the project. Such a document is required for a complete analysis of the future performance of the company, the introduction of new equipment or advanced manufacturing technologies.


The main objective of the development is to confirm the economic effect (payback) from its implementation. In addition, the development of a feasibility study will be a strong argument for future investors or lenders. After weighing all the pros and cons, they can decide for assistance (investment) company or enterprise.

The feasibility study is often performed not only for investors but also for re-engineering, implementation of new innovative production technologies.

The desirability of developing a feasibility study

This applies to the feasibility study, it enables to solve the following problems:

  • Make a detailed forecast of the effectiveness of the implementation of the project.
  • Analyze the results of the proposed methods.
  • The efficiency of the selected type of equipment and process technology.
  • Argue the choice of a particular type of equipment and technologies.
  • The effectiveness of the selection area (location) of an enterprise (company).
  • Commodity market and feasibility of the acquisition of this type of raw material.

To solve all these tasks, the company "EnergoOptima" offers its services for the rapid and qualified feasibility study for the needs of the customer.

Our operating principles: an integrated approach to solving the problem, working closely with the customer to develop a feasibility study in full compliance with applicable regulations and legislation.

The company "EnergoOptima" is not a newcomer to the market of these services, so the problem should be performed on time and at affordable prices.

Having on hand the document, you can implement your project without too much difficulty, because the facts and figures are compelling arguments for those who know how to discern long-term projects on time and invest in them an investment that will bring good profit to you and your companions.

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