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Study of financial feasibility

Any kind of work begins with the investment. To get money from the national or regional budget for a specific project in the field of energy efficiency, the customer needs to know exactly alone, how much will cost the preparatory work.

The first stage of the design

In the initial stages of designing an object developed with a detailed justification of investments in monitoring the technical and economic feasibility of the production of construction activities. It is documentation that offers a complete optimal technically informed decision. Document drawn up on the basis of expert surveys in full compliance with the relevant regulations.

Notes that funding for technology, equipment, structures rather risky event. In some cases, a small error or careless error in the calculations can lead to tragic consequences. Avoid the negative outcome of the feasibility study will help (feasibility study).

The company "EnergoOptima" in the development of substantiation of investments based on the following sequence of actions. First, experts are committed to gathering information, using the terms of reference (TOR), which took place in full agreement with the customer.

Analyzes the material, financial, energy, human resources, on the basis of which the value is displayed in the project cycle. Taking into account the risks, the possibility of which can take place at any stage of construction of the object. Also pre-compiled project cost.

Professional study of investments as a result gives a realistic assessment of the economic viability of the project and the time of full cost recovery.

The company "EnergoOptima" has been compiling a justification of investments in energy efficiency. All operations are carried out in an approved manner. The cost depends on the amount of work on the documentation.

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