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Feasibility study of the project is necessary in many cases, including for:

  • Banking and lending institutions in order to obtain additional financing or funding of specific projects;
  • Participation in tenders;
  • Planned analysis of the product in order to obtain objective information on the costs and profitability;
  • Cost estimates for the conversion of production or changes in technology;
  • Attract investors.

Private enterprise "EnergoOptima" will help to make the business plan of the project taking into account the interests of the customer, based on a comparison of costs and benefits. This will allow to study the financial profitability, analyze and calculate the economic indicators generated invest project. Professionalism and a great experience staff allows projects of any complexity.

Of feasibility studies of projects to enable management to objectively evaluate these or other steps:

  • Pick up the equipment to meet the requirements;
  • Improve the efficiency of production processes at all stages of the work;
  • Determine the financial policy of the organization for a certain period in order to reduce costs and improve performance;
  • Evaluate not only the result of investments, but also the position of the company after the completion of the work, and other changes.

Do you want to be confident in the accuracy and objectivity of the business plan of the investment project, please contact "EnergoOptima"!