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In the context of increased competition and limited resource potential, development of energy efficiency measures for Belarusian companies acquires special significance.

Savings, energy efficiency has become a prerequisite not only to improve profitability, but often the survival of the business.

Private enterprise "Energooptima" provides services for the development of energy conservation measures, ensuring a professional approach and providing further energy efficiency of the production, operation of commercial and residential real estate, utilities and other facilities.

Energy saving measures are a major part of a comprehensive project to improve the energy efficiency of a particular company. In turn, high-quality energy-saving program should:

  • Be tailored to the individual characteristics of each individual object;
  • Meet the needs of the customer;
  • To determine the exact sequence of actions to help achieve a given level of energy efficiency;
  • Contain only rational ways to reduce energy costs;

To enable all the energy potential of the enterprise must take into account the financial capacity of the enterprise, the customer, will there be enough allocated or planned funds for the implementation of a set of measures aimed at reducing the costs associated with energy consumption in the production or use of buildings.

At the design stage, according to regulatory requirements 45-2.04-43-2006 TAP, TAP 45-4.01-52-2007 and SNB 4.02.01-03 performed calculation of thermal loads of heating and hot water supply, which allows you to plan the optimal solution in terms of on customer requirements and the prevailing operating conditions.