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Energy saving measures at the plant

The company "EnergoOptima" develops energy saving measures at the customer in full compliance with applicable law. The main goal - reducing energy consumption, taking into account economic and organizational nuances. Our experts are ready to propose an action plan for energy efficiency at the facilities of the customer:


  • Low-cost.
  • Requires significant investments.

For low-cost measures include requiring no capital investment. As a rule, the removal of explicit and hidden sources of energy cost overruns, leaks and so on. Despite the fact that the action plan for energy efficiency may include changes that require significant investment, payback period can be as short

Specialists Company «EnergoOptima" assess the technical capabilities of such upgrades, considering the individual characteristics of each object individually, local methods of evaluation of investment efficiency, which leads to a significant increase in the efficiency of each ruble invested.

As a general rule, primarily an evaluation of the implementation of standard solutions that require significantly less financial and costs, human resources and energy. Based on the experience, knowledge, information from official sources, our specialists to quickly create a list of appropriate actions that can reduce energy costs in the production or during operation of the facility.

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