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Development and adjustment energy resources consumption rates with accompaniment in approving

Development of consumption rates of energy resources and their adjustment, for the application in the planning of production of various types of works and services are technically and economically feasible and reasonable and \ or progressive norms of fuel consumption, heat, electricity energy. Our company is engaged in the development of energy resources consumption rates of any level of complexity.

Specific rates of fuel and energy resources: features

  • Development is conducted at all stages and levels of planning, taking into account relevant nomenclature, subject to a uniform methodology.
  • Takes into account not only the current conditions of production or operation of the facility, but also to achieve the scientific and technological revolution, improving activities in the field of resource saving.
  • Mobilizes reserves of savings fuel and energy resources and stimulates interest in reducing costs.
  • Shows a direct link with other indicators of production and operation, including economic ones.
  • Change regularly, based on the experience economy, advances in science and production methodology.

"EnergoOptima" provides a service for tracking energy statistical reporting enterprise (defense) consumption rates fuel and energy resources, including in the bodies of the Department of Energy State Standard of the Republic of Belarus, and if necessary in the higher ministries and departments.

The company "EnergoOptima" is developing norms of consumption fuel and energy resources at the request of the customer, ensuring the highest quality of analysis, taking into account the individual characteristics of the object and in full accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

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