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Thermovision inspection of buildings

Thermovision inspection - is considered one of the main and the most reliable methods of obtaining information about the objective state structures. Thermovision shooting and of building structures (residential, industrial, commercial real estate), different speed and clarity, as well as a high level of reliability of the  obtained  results, which allowed to establish itself as a primary diagnostic method of protecting designs, not only at the end of construction or development, but also in the period operation.

The company "EnergoOptima" carries a thermal imaging survey of all types of buildings and structures :, production and administrative buildings, private houses and buildings, as well as engineering networks and electrical equipment.

Certified personnel accredited laboratory of "EnergoOptima" at work uses the most modern means of measurement and diagnosis, thus ensuring the highest level of reliability of the current state of thermal insulation, including engineering networks and thermal resistance of structures.

According to the results thermographing customer provided data on the actual state of walling, the magnitude of heat loss, as well as based recommendations (if necessary) to reduce them

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