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Energy inspection of fuel and energy resources consumers

Energy inspection of fuel and energy resources consumers

Conducting energy audits  - one of the "Energooptima's” services provided by businesses and individuals, allows an assessment of the use of energy resources and to develop the most effective measures to reduce costs. The purpose of an energy audit is achieved consistent solution of a number of problems:

  • Determination of the actual volume of energy consumption;
  • Clarify the respective requirements for the contracting authority in the field of modernization of metering and reducing energy consumption;
  • Determination of energy efficiency;
  • Identification of energy savings potential;
  • Development of a list of standard and unique measures aimed at improving energy efficiency
  • Determining the cost of implementation of tasks.

Energy survey allows us to provide client technical report, including results of the engineers work on the inspected object. The document contains all the necessary information about the object. Energy audit is conducted in stages, that allows you to ensure the quality of service, reliability and efficiency of the data analysis:

  • Preparation. Involves the collection of preliminary data about the object.
  • Examination. Visual inspection, collection of technical documentation.
  • Instrumental inspection.
  • Formation of the energy balance

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