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Private Enterprise "EnergoOptima" performs work in the fields of energy, environment and economy, providing services to companies at various levels in the area of improving the efficiency of business and production activities

The company's services  in the field of ecology

Ecological passport company - the most important comprehensive document wich fully reflects the interaction and activity of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur with the environment. Obligation of the document is defined by the Act of 26 November 1992 No. 1982 XII, and particulary by article №37. On July 1, 2013 came into force changes in the rules of  making ecological passport of the enterprise. One major change is the introduction of the standard STB 17.01.00-01-2012 as a compulsory for processing tables and graphics component of the document, as well as other information. The company "Energooptima" provides services for the development of ecological passport any level of complexity for a company. Our experts have years of experience and qualification to perform all work with maximum quality and in a short time, and it is important for growing companies who value time. Also this is compulsory, and a major step to receive integrated environmental permitting.

Development of ecological passport of the enterprise is carried out in full compliance with the STB, so the document displays all regulated information:

  • General information about the company wich uses natural resources;
  • Production characteristics of the company;
  • Data on air and land use, water use and sanitation;
  • Description of measures aimed at rationalizing the use of natural resources and environmental protection;
  • Instructions on Waste Management;
  • Detailed information about vehicles enterprise

Our experts will make all the necessary measurements of concentrations of pollutants. Based on a detailed analysis of the current situation is possible to create document regulating the environmental protection activities of the enterprise and reduce the negative impact on the environment, which includes as an instruction for dealing with different types of waste, as well as many other data and regulations. Experience of employees of private unitary enterprise "EnergoOptima" will perform all of the required work as soon as possible and at the lowest cost of the customer with guaranteed high quality.

Energy: basic services of "Energooptima"

To improve the performance of the company with the energy and cost savings due to the current increase in the share of the energy component in the cost of products and services, our specialists perform the following work:

  • Energy survey of consumers of energy resources
  • Development and coordination of energy resources consumption rates with accompaniment in approving
  • Electrophysical measurements
  • Thermovision inspection of buildings, heating networks, electrical equipment
  • Development heat power passports of the building
  • Technical and economic study of heating facility options
  • Accompanying the energy statistical reporting of the company
  • Calculation of standardized heat losses in thermal grids and steam lines
  • Instrumental diagnostics of the fuel regime in the boilers

Services in field of economic: the main advantages of "EnergoOptima"

Economy - the basis of any commercial and economic activities, and our experts will help to develop a technical and economic study for a business of any level, from a small company to the modernization of large industrial enterprises, which provides a range of services:

  • Development of business plans of investment projects
  • Development of technical and economic studies of projects
  • Study of financial feasibility